Visualising the Challenge & Solutions

Like many people, we’ve been really enjoying the proliferation of infographics around the world, instantly shareable across space & time, direct to our inbox, twitter feed & being tagged by friends on facebook

Yesterday we stumbled across a cool little animation of Michael Pollan’s RSA speech entitled ‘Food Rules’ (also the title of his new book).  We thought it was worth a share;

We’ve also been loving the wonders of Food+Tech Connect’s infographic updates – well worth tuning into their stream!

In the meantime, here’s a couple of our favourite infographics going around at the moment:

Infographic of the breakdown of national foodsheds in USAcourtesy of ArchiCulture

Wired Magazine release 9 infographics about the food systemcheck out more from Wired Magazine at their article about the Future of the Food System infographics page

PETA infographic about the reason to go VeganPETA try to woo us to go vegan with their infographic showing resource use in meat production

Revealing the true cost & economic realities of Farmer Subsidies in USAthe cold hard economic facts & health statistics from GoBankingRates about Government subsidies for certain crops in the USA

An infographic about making the right choice, a choice for Organicscourtesy of Cool Infographics who created this great insight into why we should choose organic food, for Organics Canada

We’ll also throw in this other quirky Michael Pollan ‘Food Rules’ video for your viewing pleasure:

Send us links to your favourite infographics today!

We also want to acknowledge the fine work of groups like Sustaination in the UK, Real Time Farms & Local Harvest in the US, and Local Harvest Australia who are doing wonders to visualise the local food movement in their regions.

Thanks to SocialFlow!

As a start up, with a commitment to a social enterprise model which supports the local food advocates & organisations working on a better food system, we decided we were unlikely to ever spend much money on marketing through traditional channels. We acknowledged we would have to punch above our weight with our communications to get the word out around the world about our project.


To this end, we’ve spent a fair bit of time using our blog, twitter & facebook to share our thoughts and the developments behind the scenes of Bucky Box.

Bucky Box's social media is now powered by Social FlowWe were very lucky to find an awesome partner in SocialFlow, who we are working with to get our words out to the right people at the right time, with their great app which handles our twitter & facebook feeds. You might see our posts are now popping up powered by their service.

Bucky Box content delivered by Social Flow's social media application

Bucky Box on Twitter - content powered by Social Flow


Things we love about SocialFlow:

  • scheduling & analytics for sharing content
  • insights & visuals to show us how our comms develop over time
  • awesome friendly support staff

SocialFlow were recently featured in TechCrunch as they have just launched publicly! So you too can now get in on the service.  Have a read of their profile, and check out their sparkly new website which features their Social Media Optimiser.


So a big thanks to the team at SocialFlow for a fantastic application which helps us talk with the amazing people involved in the local food movement around the world, and thanks for believing in our vision!

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