Webinar: Crowdfunding for The Local Food Startup Challenge

The Local Food Startup Challenge - Crowdfunding Webinar

Propel Your Local Food Startup with Crowdfunding


Sometimes it seems like crowdfunding is just for new digital devices, iPhone covers and games. But crowdfunding is a powerful tool to launch local food startups, allowing you to raise capital and increase awareness of your enterprise in an exciting, community-based way.   This webinar, led by a co-founder of our global crowdfunding partner StartSomeGood, will introduce you to both the theory and practice of crowd funding, dispelling misconceptions, exploring case-studies and giving you the knowledge you need to successfully launch or expand your food startup.   Enterprises participating in the Local Food Startup Challenge get additional promotional support and 20% off StartSomeGood’s platform fees.


When is the Webinar?

We’ve opened two webinar sessions:


May 3rd – 8-9 AM Australia EST

(3pm Thursday May 2 USA Pacific time, 6pm Thursday May 2nd USA EST, 10am NZ)


May 6th – 7-8 PM Australia EST

(10am London, 11am Western Europe, 9pm NZ)


There are limited spaces to this webinar (25 max).


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What you’ll take away from this Webinar

– A clear understanding of how crowdfunding works.
– How crowdfunding can propel local food enterprises like yours
– What motivates people to give to crowdfunding campaigns, and what holds them back.
– What makes for good crowdfunding rewards and the role video plays.
– How long a crowdfunding campaign should be and how much can you raise.


Presenter: Tom Dawkins

Tom Dawkins is Co-Founder of StartSomeGood.com, a crowdfunding platform for social good initiatives globally and the Director of the Australian Changemakers Festival. He founded and is a current board member of Australian youth media non-profit Vibewire, leading the organisation from 2000-2008 before moving to Washington DC to become the first Social Media Director at Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, a global NGO supporting social entrepreneurs. He has supported numerous nonprofits, governments and arts organizations to better engage communities using technology and culture and spent many years organizing music and film festivals in Sydney. He has been recognized with awards and fellowships from the Sydney Morning Herald, World Summit Youth Awards, International Youth Foundation and Future Summit.

StartSomeGood is an established crowd funding platform for social good initiatives to raise funds and grow a community. Whether you’re for-profit, nonprofit or unincorporated group, you can raise funds for your next project and share what you’re doing with supporters worldwide.


Podcast: The Startup Challenge, Vodafone World of Difference, and Creating a Better Food System in Christchurch

Image from Stuff Media: Iain McGregor (http://bit.ly/YIkwCm)

Image from Stuff Media: Iain McGregor (http://bit.ly/YIkwCm)

What’s the day-to-day life like for a Local Food entrepreneur?


We thought we’d get in touch with one of The Local Food Startup Challenge entrants to find out what they’re up to, what they’re working on, and how they’re creating a better food system.


Garden City 2.0 logo

We got Bailey Peryman from Garden City 2.0 on the line and asked him a few questions about his work in the recovering city of Ōtautahi/Christchurch where new shoots of food resilience are starting to blossom.




Listen to the full podcast here:



Bailey is currently a Vodafone World of Difference scholar working for Soil & Health Association, and here’s the links to some of the projects he’s working on this year:


Garden City 2.0 are backed by our Local Food Startup Challenge. If you’re keen to find out whether you can benefit from the $0.5m Global Startup Fund too, check out the website, and start building your business today – you’ve got till May 6th to sign up!

Bucky Box was an Award Nominee: Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award

Sustainable Entrepreneurhsip Award Bucky Box Software for Local Food



We don’t get up every morning wanting or expecting adulation. That said, it’s always nice to be acknowledged for the work you’re doing and sometimes it makes you feel like other people believe in your idea too.


This week we were delighted to hear from the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award organisers that we have made it into the Top 5 for this global award which is in its second year :

The sea honours people and companies who are already shaping the world of tomorrow today. They work together with others towards a sustainable future and develop intelligent solutions for the environment and society through their regular business activities or through innovative processes and projects. They focus their resources and ideas on social and ecological innovations and, in doing so, take the idea of corporate social responsibility one step further.


We feel somewhat humbled to have made it to the top 5 from the 260 entrants. Sadly we couldn’t jump on a plane to be at the swanky awards ceremony in Austria to meet some of the people behind the remarkable ideas and organisations which are forging a better future.


We were nominated in the Development & Services category of the ‘Best Project’ award – we were certainly impressed by some of the other projects and enterprises merging from this space as well.


Here’s to raising a glass of something bubbly to all the awesome people around the world working on projects, businesses, and badly needed services to make the world a little (or a lot) better!


Here’s a short video to give you a little pep talk to make the world awesome:


Check out SEA online here and their facebook page here.



Check it out! We were awarded a certificate for finishing in the Top 5!

Sustainable Entreprneurship Award Trophy

The Local Food Startup Challenge, thus far

Local Food Startup Challenge Fruit

We’ve been having a great time hearing from people around the world who are keen to start Local Food enterprises, continuing to build partnerships (more on that soon), and seeing how we can help catalyse local food, globally.


Here’s a quick Storify run down of the activity online, thus far:



[View the story “The Local Food Startup Challenge” on Storify]

The Local Food Startup Challenge

Back in February, Bucky Box launched a ground breaking Global Startup Fund of $500k.The fund aims to support early stage businesses and entrepreneurs, and challenges them to get their local food business off the ground and operating in 3 months with the help of Bucky Box and their Partners.

Storified by Bucky Box· Mon, Mar 25 2013 19:45:39

Our good friends at Unlimited Magazine get the lowdown on the almost-launched Local Food Startup Challenge, and the word gets out.
Bucky Box fuels food distribution | Stuff.co.nzJan 29, 2013 … The challenge also offers the startup an e-book, How to Run a Local Food Enterprise, and a small business support pack…

The Challenge is officially launched

Announcing The Local Food Startup Challenge | The Bucky Box BlogFeb 5, 2013 … We're launching a challenge to get Local Food Distributors started & successful around the world. The Local Foo…
Have you heard about the Local Food Startup Challenge yet? Grow your Food Biz in 3 months with a slice of $500k! http://t.co/BpjAJbiG0ABucky Box

Check out the animation explaining the Challenge

The Local Food Startup Challengeb0wQoNK_fNEo46EbqlYkEA

$500k Global Startup Fund Announced

$500k Startup Fund announced for Local Food Businesses | Scoop News500k Startup Fund announced for Local Food Businesses 11 February 2013 Bucky Box, a software company based in Wellington, have announced …

The Reaction on Social Networks & in the Media follows…

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