• Improvements in validating customer information at the Webstore, My Login, and Admin section
  • Phone numbers now have Mobile, Home and Work flavours
  • You can now control what information must be captured for a given customer (the controls are hidden so ask our team if you want to change the default settings for your business)



  • My Login link at the top of the webstore now says “My Account” to be more obvious
  • Some under the hood changes to improve our internal testing and reliability

Last Chance: Webinar on Crowdfunding for Local Food enterprise

Want to know how you can get the seedfunding together to start or scale your Local Food enterprise?

Crowdfunding for Local Food - PledgeMe + Bucky Box
Look no further! This is the last in our series of Crowdfunding webinars with a special focus on Local Food, and will be delivered by the enigmatic Anna Guenther from PledgeMe.



This webinar is optimised for the NZ time zone, and will be happening on Wednesday 5 June, at 6pm. You can tune in through our Google+ Page here.


[button link=”https://plus.google.com/b/113233439306730641133/events/c3qun50g5hqimd0gt8eki382oc0″ target=”_blank” color=”green” shape=”rounded” size=”large” align=”centre”]Register for Webinar here[/button]


It’s pretty simple to log into the webinar, you just need to make sure you have the plugin – check or download it here.



Please RSVP here:


Fill out my online form.




Expected take aways from this webinar:

  • Learn about how crowdfunding can gain you seed capital to fund the set up of your enterprise
  • Find out how & why crowdfunding is a great way of finding your early champions in your community
  • Get some insight into how crowdfunding can get you known in your area much quicker than traditional advertising


We look forward to seeing you online soon!

Roadmaps and Change logs

How do you have your say over the future of Bucky Box?




We want to spare you the technical jargon when it comes to software design and development, but we do highly value your feedback to help us build world class software for local food. Software for you.


Soon we will be releasing our change log which will help you keep tabs on the various improvements, fixes and updates that go on with Bucky Box week to week. Like all good new generation software, there are constant upgrades and improvements – they’re not rolled out in expensive new upgrades like Windows.


We have a extensive roadmap of features we would like to add to improve Bucky Box, but we still listen intently to what our community has to say – whether you’re a current customer, or someone looking to use Bucky Box in the future.


You can have your say in our Ideas Forum here.


We use the Ideas Forum to get your ideas and keep you updated on their progress, but also to allow our community to vote on them to help us prioritise those which help people the most. We highly recommend you jump in there and vote on other people’s ideas and have your own say.


We will be listening to your feedback and meshing it with our own knowledge gained from hundreds of conversations with local food entrepreneurs and distributors from around the world, to bring you the best possible software solution for local food.


Go to the Ideas Forum and share your ideas for Bucky Box now!



  • Upcoming scheduled deliveries are now displayed to customers in their My Login area next to their orders


  • Minor bug fixes in the webstore and settings area


Ask Bucky Box…

Webinar Series - Software for Local Food

Hi folks,


We know that you may have heard about how software can help your local food enterprise, but you’re still likely to have some questions / doubts / ideas about what it can do for your local food service.


We’re putting together a webinar series to field some of those questions – they’ll be a series of small group webinars to maximise the amount of questions and feedback you’re able to get – likely 5 or 6 people on the call at a time. We’re grouping them into three distinct batches:


  • “Convince Me” – people / enterprises who are interested but have too many questions to spend the time learning a new system. You probably want to see the solution and ask questions before diving in.
  • “Lets Roll” – people / enterprises who have signed up for Bucky Box, but need a few questions answered to help them get set up. Whether it’s the language used, or how bits interact, you just need a little help to get started.
  • “Leadership Material” – people / enterprises who are getting into the stride of things with Bucky Box, but would like some hints and tips to get the most out of things. You don’t know, what you don’t know, right?


So, to that end, please drop us your details here – we’ll be in touch soon!