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Bucky Box - powering local food

The Bucky Box team are committed to using our energy on the most important challenge of our lifetimes.



There’s no shortage of projects, initiatives and causes where you could focus your energy these days – everywhere you look there’s industrial age systems and institutions which are crumbling.


In the 20th century we saw a huge focus on food production as a key to food utopia for all. With a growing population (4.4 billion to 6.1 billion between 1980-2000), some would say that was rather wise. Whilst we’ve boomed to 7 billion people and are forecast to hit 9-10 billion by 2020, we have to ask – at what cost has that focus on production had?


The existing food distribution infrastructure is incompatible with what we now know about the ecological and societal limits of agriculture – it’s time to roll up our sleeves and do something about it – that’s why we’re committed to powering the future of food.


We see food distribution as an acupuncture point in the food system – use the needle correctly and it can release a build up of pressure. Bucky Box is that needle – it’s a tool for entrepreneurs, community activators, and ethical businesses who are creating a better food system through local food enterprise.


We see building software for local food distributors to crush the admin burden as incredibly important – with only a small amount of talking to people running direct-to-customer delivery businesses, you’ll soon start hearing horror stories about hacked together IT systems and death-by-spreadsheet. Taking a hammer to this glass ceiling for local food enterprise is our aim.


Bucky Box - Powering Local Food


How does Bucky Box help with all this?


Sell Your Food

Customise and launch your online store in minutes and never drop a sale. An online store that syncs directly with your admin dashboard so you don’t have to manually pull in all those pesky email order notifications from your shopping cart. Our online store is designed from the ground-up for food businesses to engage their customers.

Bucky Box - Online Store Shopping Cart - Local Food Software


Manage Customers

Take the pain out of customer management with our admin console. Get a customer snapshot any time with profiles, account balances and order statuses. Nurture loyal customers with newsletters and direct email straight from your database. Be open 24/7 – customers can manage their own orders online, whatever time of the day.

Bucky Box - Easy Customer Contact and Management for Vege Box Schemes CSA and Local Food enterprises


Fulfill Orders

Instantly know what needs to go where, and when. Take the heavy lifting out of packing day admin with one click reports. A drag & drop interface makes delivery route planning easy.

Packing and Delivery reporting for Local Food delivery businesses


Easy Payments
Save time and stop trying to manually match accounts with our bulk payment reconciliation of bank transactions, cash & cheques. Ensure account balances are up to date, and your customers are happy.

Bulk Payment Reconciliation for Food Delivery Businesses


Interested to hear more and get to work?

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The Local Food Startup Challenge, thus far

Local Food Startup Challenge Fruit

We’ve been having a great time hearing from people around the world who are keen to start Local Food enterprises, continuing to build partnerships (more on that soon), and seeing how we can help catalyse local food, globally.


Here’s a quick Storify run down of the activity online, thus far:



[View the story “The Local Food Startup Challenge” on Storify]

The Local Food Startup Challenge

Back in February, Bucky Box launched a ground breaking Global Startup Fund of $500k.The fund aims to support early stage businesses and entrepreneurs, and challenges them to get their local food business off the ground and operating in 3 months with the help of Bucky Box and their Partners.

Storified by Bucky Box· Mon, Mar 25 2013 19:45:39

Our good friends at Unlimited Magazine get the lowdown on the almost-launched Local Food Startup Challenge, and the word gets out.
Bucky Box fuels food distribution | Stuff.co.nzJan 29, 2013 … The challenge also offers the startup an e-book, How to Run a Local Food Enterprise, and a small business support pack…

The Challenge is officially launched

Announcing The Local Food Startup Challenge | The Bucky Box BlogFeb 5, 2013 … We're launching a challenge to get Local Food Distributors started & successful around the world. The Local Foo…
Have you heard about the Local Food Startup Challenge yet? Grow your Food Biz in 3 months with a slice of $500k! http://t.co/BpjAJbiG0ABucky Box

Check out the animation explaining the Challenge

The Local Food Startup Challengeb0wQoNK_fNEo46EbqlYkEA

$500k Global Startup Fund Announced

$500k Startup Fund announced for Local Food Businesses | Scoop News500k Startup Fund announced for Local Food Businesses 11 February 2013 Bucky Box, a software company based in Wellington, have announced …

The Reaction on Social Networks & in the Media follows…

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Challenge Sign Up | The Local Food Startup Challenge http://t.co/AAqDl3ux via @buckybox – This is a fantastic idea/opportunity, thank youFoodStory
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Planning to build a new local food enterprise? Check out the great Local Food Startup Challenge http://t.co/1kkW7rNOoT @samrye_enspiralCheryl Reynolds
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Amazing morning bump in interest in our #startupchallenge care of @Occupy_Monsanto – power to the people! http://t.co/hlxImnyBtyBucky Box
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Global #StartupChallenge launched by @buckybox to catalyse local food systems around the world: http://t.co/gSUFNKXvifSinglebrook
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Local Food Startup Challenge: Catalyzing Local Food Distribution, Globally, by @buckybox #sustainability #socent http://t.co/a4FVtsAaTKChris Sequeira

Featured on New Startups : Bucky Box helps farmers get fresh food on your plate

Bucky Box Features on New Startups



Shortly after our public beta release there was a flurry of interest and articles, but we were a little crazy with speaking to people about our software for local food.


In that time, the awesome New Startups online magazine covered our story, and we’ve never had the chance to point people their way till now. So, check out New Startups – they ‘collect a wide range of bright new ideas from around the globe with the intents of keeping you up to date on incredible emerging businesses, offering our reviews, and providing a place to meet & engage in discussions.’




“It’s astonishing how much of our everyday uses are highly dependent on cheap oil. The food systems in our culture are without exception, and evolved over the last 30 years that is also centralized and fragile. More so then ever we face obstacles and challenges never seen before and will only be more overwhelming in the next 30 years without startups standing up and making new technologies to help, in relation to energy prices, population increase and environmental health.” READ MORE HERE


Tools for Local Food Distribution – designed for the other 90%

What would happen to food distribution if you provided enterprise-quality tools to the 90% of enterprises who can’t normally afford them?

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Bucky Box designs for the other 90%

A little over a year ago, we posed ourselves that question. It was an interesting challenge – one of turning the problem that most local food distributors have on its head.


By now, most of us are aware that local food distribution has a glass ceiling – it’s about 70-80 deliveries per week where the admin burden really kicks in and stifles growth. [tweet this]


There’s just too much complexity to handle with spreadsheets and hacked together systems when you hit this number – you’re bound to start making errors – whether it’s making sure someone’s paid their bill, that one of the boxes should’ve had artichokes instead of carrots, or that Bob & Karen had just moved house. You know – that bit of information you scribbled on a sticky note and pinned to the wall?


So, the glass ceiling is really the automation of those labour intensive admin tasks – packing sheets, customer ledgers, delivery reconciliation and matching up payments.  Take away that glass ceiling, and we know that many local food schemes can grow, get more quality & healthy food to people, and be more profitable. We know this from the handful of schemes who have invested heavily in their technology and grown accordingly.


Back to the question – how can we change the game? How can we get more local food distribution businesses operating, serving different markets & communities, providing more demand for small farms & artisan producers? How can we shift the needle on the destructive nature of industrialised food systems? How can we bring back the food webs that existed pre-industrial food distribution? Lets call that our vision of the Food Web 2.0.


The answer is not simple, but it’s the challenge that we took on. It’s the challenge that we have spent well over a year working on in various forms, and it’s the challenge that we’ve got our first solution to. Bucky Box is about bringing those tools to the masses, to the other 90% – to anyone who wants to start up a food distribution business [tweet], whether it’s 20 people in their local office, 200 people at their local church, or 2000 people in their community. Simple to use. Affordable. Ready to go.


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We’ve got some exciting news in the pipeline to get a little bit of a buzz going around Local Food distribution, as we genuinely believe decentalising food distribution is one of the most exciting challenges & opportunities in c21st. <- [tweet].


It’s the forefront of enabling regenerative agriculture, improving the health of ourselves and our communities, and of lifting people around the world out of poverty. <- [tweet]


If any of what we’ve said rings true, and you’re thinking about starting a local food enterprise, or doing what you already do – better, then drop by the Bucky Box – Software for Local Food website and sign up for a trial or just tweet us for a chat.


We’re looking forward to supporting you to create a better food system.

Stories from Local Food heroes

Sometimes you just have to be in awe of the local food community. The amount of people who believe so much in their service to get food from farm to plate, that they’ll put up with crazy-complicated spreadsheets, late nights, and still smile graciously when those systems let them down once again.


Today, I’m happy to post this….

Bucky Box wants to give you your life back - upgrade your spreadsheets today!


We’re lucky enough to speak to a lot of people thinking of starting local food schemes, or already running them, and the stories we hear time and time again are the ‘just in time’ ones….


“I realised that the software would cost upwards of 10′s of thousands of dollars to build, and was almost ready to give up on the idea, but then I opened the paper and read that Herald article, and thought ‘Hallelujah!’ someone’s already doing it! I had to get in touch, it’s exactly what I need, at a tiny fraction what it would cost to build myself.”


That was a snippet from yesterday’s conversation with an NZ distributor who’s been in the market game for 11 years and is keen to start home delivery. I sometimes feel floored when we hear these things as it makes it feel like our efforts worthwhile.  Naturally, from here the product has to match the expectations, but with the new interface I believe we’re there…


“We had to reduce the size of the scheme as the admin burden was ruining my family life, which is ironic as it was always supposed to be a lifestyle business.”


… was another one we heard recently. It makes you want to hug people sometimes, but instead we need to get them a login…


Go on, if you’re still running on spreadsheets, or know someone that is – take a peek at what we can do to help your local food business.