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Here at Bucky Box, we’re always on the look out to bring you some ripe pickings of interesting events, guides, resources, and ideas.


Yesterday we spotted this awesome conference which is happening in Austin TX on 1 & 2 February (that’s only a week away!).  It focuses on “Food, The City and Innovation“, and it’s hosted by The Food Lab.  You can expect all kinds of interesting discussions, ideas and developments to unfold from it, as it’s a cross-sectoral approach to changing the food system – featuring engineers, designers, developers, scientists & architects, among others.



Conference Poster - Local Food, The City and Innovation - Partner



Explore some of the big questions facing us in 21st century, with a team of multidisciplinary folks.  For those of us who can’t be there, you can follow along on Twitter at #FCICON on 1 and 2 February – you can also follow us to get some of the choice retweets of interesting conference tips & outcomes:


Bucky Box has become a Partner for the conference – along with the awesome Edible Austin and Capital Factory!  We believe entrepreneurs and startups are going to change the food system this century, so we’re proud to be contributing to the soil out of which new food startups can grow!

Thanks to SocialFlow!

As a start up, with a commitment to a social enterprise model which supports the local food advocates & organisations working on a better food system, we decided we were unlikely to ever spend much money on marketing through traditional channels. We acknowledged we would have to punch above our weight with our communications to get the word out around the world about our project.


To this end, we’ve spent a fair bit of time using our blog, twitter & facebook to share our thoughts and the developments behind the scenes of Bucky Box.

Bucky Box's social media is now powered by Social FlowWe were very lucky to find an awesome partner in SocialFlow, who we are working with to get our words out to the right people at the right time, with their great app which handles our twitter & facebook feeds. You might see our posts are now popping up powered by their service.

Bucky Box content delivered by Social Flow's social media application

Bucky Box on Twitter - content powered by Social Flow


Things we love about SocialFlow:

  • scheduling & analytics for sharing content
  • insights & visuals to show us how our comms develop over time
  • awesome friendly support staff

SocialFlow were recently featured in TechCrunch as they have just launched publicly! So you too can now get in on the service.  Have a read of their profile, and check out their sparkly new website which features their Social Media Optimiser.


So a big thanks to the team at SocialFlow for a fantastic application which helps us talk with the amazing people involved in the local food movement around the world, and thanks for believing in our vision!

The Social Flow logo - a system for social media management

Balsamiq – A whole lot of good!

Every now and then you come across people who really make you sit up and take notice.

We’ve been hard at work continuing to make Bucky Box as usable as possible, so we’ve been looking for the tools to enable us to do this as easily as possible.  We stumbled across Balsamiq who developed a wireframing application which enables us to quickly and simply visually mock up what we want new pages to look like for our awesome developers like @ootoovak@allan_enspiral to code.

We got to talking, and told them what we’re up to with Bucky Box.  They kindly let us know that they have a special category for ‘do-gooders’ – in fact they’ve given away something like $680k of licenses to their awesome software to date! Way to go Balsamiq!!

Check out their blog about their view about giving back here! We’re truly thankful to Balsamiq for providing us with some licenses to help our team nail down our last round of designs, to get Bucky Box launched to the wider world.  We know they understand our mission, and the potential impact we can catalyse around the world with these tools for a better food system.

So take a look at the video below, and see if you can spot the mockups we put together using Balsamiq’s kickass wireframing software;

Bucky Box : submission for Cleantech Open to represent New Zealand in Global Entrepreneurship Week