Local & Friendly Food Champion Showcase: The 30 Project

We’re extremely pleased to announce the fifth in a stream of partnerships with local & friendly food champions!

The 30 Project is a think + do tank for changing the food systemWe are big fans of the work the 30 Project have done already, and inspired by their vision to ‘be a think + do tank for changing the food system‘.

The 30 Project addresses the food distribution problem - 1 billion people are hungry, 1 billion are overweightThey aim to tackle the food distribution problem – 1 billion obese, 1 billion starving.  Through initiatives such as the FEED Project and now ChangeDinner, the 30 Project aims to “bring together key organizations and activists working around the world on addressing hunger, obesity, and agriculture issues to talk about their visions for the food system and the next 30-years. Many of the best anti-hunger and anti-obesity organizations have been so focused on their important work that they have not been able to work together on common challenges. The 30 Project is gathering the best people together to work towards creating a truly healthy and sustainable global food system.”

If you haven’t already seen Ellen Gustafson, the founder of 30 Project, speaking at TEDxEAST – here’s her 10 minutes of passion & purpose:

You can support 30 Project directly here, Follow @the30Project on Twitter, or dive into some of the Change Dinner videos like this one:

#ChangeDinner today!

The Change Dinner campaign from 30 ProjectThe back story: in the early stages here at Bucky Box we decided to forego any marketing budget, and instead work with the best of the local & friendly food champions around the world and give our customers the chance to nominate where these funds will go. We see that these are the individuals & organisations who are making significant headway in catalysing, educating & advocating for a fair, friendly, local food system. We support their work to the hilt.


Local & Friendly Food Champion showcase: The Dirt Doctor

Announcing our fourth Friendly Food Champion partnership!

Biological Farming Advocates The Dirt DoctorThe Dirt Doctor may not be known worldwide, but they have the knowledge that should be.

You can read more about our visit to The Dirt Doctor, and our first hand recognition of the remarkable achievements of Jim, through his ‘biological farming’ techniques.

We’re excited to say that we’ll be helping spread the word of Jim’s organic farming methods which yield greater than chemical farming, as well as finding ways to support the workshops, resources & tool designs which Jim & his team work hard on.

We’re already talking about our shared vision of working in developing nations, for a rich, diverse, prosperous, local food system where local crops can thrive in healthy soils.

So, for a better world of bountiful harvests, not at the expense of the earth, check out The Dirt Doctor. Want to feed a family of four from 10m of earth & half an hour work each week? Check out The Dirt Doctor’s Urban Eden program!

Local Food made possible by high yield agiculture without chemicals


Local & Friendly Food Champion showcase: Permaculture Research Institute

We really love writing these blogs…

Announcing our third Friendly Food Champion partnership!

Our well respected friends at the Permaculture Research Institute are known around the world for their work with the permaculture principles, furthering research, awareness, advocacy and connectivity of ideas & creating an ecosystem of permaculturists across the globe!
We are choosing to support their work due to their commitment to permaculture without borders – supporting and nurturing the practice in developing nations to ensure the way industrial agriculture has become unsustainable in many of our developed nations, wont happen there too.  Their regular blog which sources permaculture stories from around the world is well worth keeping tabs on, and don’t forget to register your project on the Permaculture Global map – the ‘facebook of permaculture projects‘!  Did we mention they also won the Humanitarian Water & Food Award for 2010?

Unsure what Permaculture is?

Permaculture is about permanent agriculture – an approach to designing self-sustaining agricultural systems, which is based on the relationships found in nature; an ecological approach rather than simply biological. It’s a philosophy as well as a science. Also, check out PRI’s definition.

Courtesy of PermaculturePrinciples.com

We’re very much looking forward to supporting the Permaculture Research Institute over the coming years, and to learning more about creating a productive food system through the permaculture lens.