A Creative Approach to Local Food advocacy : Lexicon of Sustainability

Check out the short films from the Lexicon of Sustainability about our food system

The importance of Storytelling cannot be underplayed.  Traditionally Big Ag have had the upper-hand in the attempt to capture people’s imaginations with their deep pockets.


The tide is turning. The cost to craft & create quality media is leveling the playing field, and the rise of the Social Web is making us more inquisitive about where our food comes from, who is behind it, and easier to communicate what we find.


Awhile ago we highlighted a few of our favourite Creative capturings of the local food movement which included the very awesome Lexicon of Sustainability’s photo series which is available to exhibit as an art show.  What we didn’t know at the time is they were also making a series of fantastic videos highlighting the truth behind Big Ag’s marketing.  Take a look at the first 3 videos of this series which is available on PBS’ Youtube Channel.



Once again, make sure you head over to Lexicon of Sustainability to find more about the food that we eat, and how it is produced.

Creativity in the Local Food Movement

Don’t you just love it when people get all creative with the topics you love?

Well lately we’ve been admiring from afar the awesome Lexicon of Sustainability (photography of Sustainability initiatives), Perennial Plate video series focused on adventurous & sustainable eating, and Erin Gleeson’s fantastic food photography with a twist.


We wanted to share with you some of our favorite features of each of their work, but strongly encourage you to seek them out and spend some time flicking through more of their fantastic creative outpourings of local food goodness.


First up, the wonderful photography of the Lexicon of Sustainability…

Community Supported Agriculture through the lens of the Lexicon Project

Farm to Plate through the lens of the Lexicon Project

Permaculture through the lens of The Lexicon ProjectFood Security through the lens of the Lexicon ProjectFood Miles through the lens of the Lexicon Project

See more of the Lexicon of Sustainability’s photgraphy exhibit here.


And here’s the very talented Daniel Klein and his video series ‘Perennial Plate

You can find more of the Perennial Plate video series at the website here, or at their vimeo stream here.


The extremely talented Erin Gleeson is based in San Francisco; a highly talented photographer & illustrator, she captures the beauty of food in the rustic surroundings of the Forest on her new blog ‘The Forest Feast‘.  Check out her work here (thanks to Erin for allowing us to ‘borrow’ this beaut image!):

We hope you agree her work is totally amazing.. I’ve never wanted to eat Zucchini bites so much in all my life!  Make sure you check out her professional website here, and The Forest Feast blog here.


We’re looking forward to releasing a few of our own creative projects in the not too distant future. If you know of any other great uses of design / creativity / the arts, to celebrate & catalyse the local food movement, please send us a link!