Webinar: Crowdfunding for The Local Food Startup Challenge

The Local Food Startup Challenge - Crowdfunding Webinar

Propel Your Local Food Startup with Crowdfunding


Sometimes it seems like crowdfunding is just for new digital devices, iPhone covers and games. But crowdfunding is a powerful tool to launch local food startups, allowing you to raise capital and increase awareness of your enterprise in an exciting, community-based way.   This webinar, led by a co-founder of our global crowdfunding partner StartSomeGood, will introduce you to both the theory and practice of crowd funding, dispelling misconceptions, exploring case-studies and giving you the knowledge you need to successfully launch or expand your food startup.   Enterprises participating in the Local Food Startup Challenge get additional promotional support and 20% off StartSomeGood’s platform fees.


When is the Webinar?

We’ve opened two webinar sessions:


May 3rd – 8-9 AM Australia EST

(3pm Thursday May 2 USA Pacific time, 6pm Thursday May 2nd USA EST, 10am NZ)


May 6th – 7-8 PM Australia EST

(10am London, 11am Western Europe, 9pm NZ)


There are limited spaces to this webinar (25 max).


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What you’ll take away from this Webinar

– A clear understanding of how crowdfunding works.
– How crowdfunding can propel local food enterprises like yours
– What motivates people to give to crowdfunding campaigns, and what holds them back.
– What makes for good crowdfunding rewards and the role video plays.
– How long a crowdfunding campaign should be and how much can you raise.


Presenter: Tom Dawkins

Tom Dawkins is Co-Founder of StartSomeGood.com, a crowdfunding platform for social good initiatives globally and the Director of the Australian Changemakers Festival. He founded and is a current board member of Australian youth media non-profit Vibewire, leading the organisation from 2000-2008 before moving to Washington DC to become the first Social Media Director at Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, a global NGO supporting social entrepreneurs. He has supported numerous nonprofits, governments and arts organizations to better engage communities using technology and culture and spent many years organizing music and film festivals in Sydney. He has been recognized with awards and fellowships from the Sydney Morning Herald, World Summit Youth Awards, International Youth Foundation and Future Summit.

StartSomeGood is an established crowd funding platform for social good initiatives to raise funds and grow a community. Whether you’re for-profit, nonprofit or unincorporated group, you can raise funds for your next project and share what you’re doing with supporters worldwide.